Science Day Planning

Dear Parents,
Are you the parent of a budding scientist or a kid who likes to design and build things? Is your child interested in how things in nature work or in outer space? Do you have expertise or work in a science, research, medical, or related field? Let’s get our students excited about STEM learning!!! 
Join us in starting a committee to create an annual SCIENCE DAY at Memorial-Spaulding. The event would look like a Science Fair, but the goal will be to support EVERY student in participating in any way they can, so no judging will be involved. Our aim would be for the first Science Day to be in Spring of 2020. You don’t have to have any expertise in a science field, just a desire to foster curiosity and discovery in our children. You don’t even need to have a lot of time, just a willingness to pitch in as needed with ideas or coordination. Please sign up at the link below, and encourage other parents to be a part of this new and exciting event!

Looking forward to this!

Jenny Klein-Sosa Science Day Committee Chair & Memorial-Spaulding PTO Secretary