Memorial Spaulding Family Directory

The PTO sponsored online directory MySchoolAnywhere is now live. You can use it to connect with other families at the school, contact parents, plan get-togethers and much more. (Please note: this a completely separate system from Aspen, which is the NPS contact system for the school to communicate official and emergency information – parents cannot access each other’s information on Aspen.)

All families for whom the PTO has contact info will have received an email inviting them to confirm their information in the directory by Sunday, September 29th. If you did not receive the email, you can request directory access via this link:

You can choose which information to share and opt-out of sharing your information if you wish. The directory is only available to the Memorial Spaulding community.

Once you confirm, you will also have the option to make a donation to the PTO Annual Appeal. By making a donation (in any amount) once per year, you are helping the PTO to fund programs, community building events and activities throughout the school year! Please consider contributing now.

Email with any questions/comments.

Memorial Spaulding PTO