Dungeons and Dragons Opportunity

Dungeons & Dragons is the classic roleplaying game of heroic adventure! The game has enjoyed a great renaissance in the last decade as an alternative to the excessive screen time that has come to dominate the leisure time of young people. Played cooperatively, D&D can teach problem solving and teamwork, build vocabulary, and provide a creative outlet for storytelling.

After a successful pilot program in November 2019, we are continuing our adventures online for boys and girls ages 10-14. Each session is 2-hours long and the sessions meet once weekly. Time is flexible.

The program is hosted by teacher and game master Christopher Walters and Newton parent Brian Harel. It is not necessary to have experience with D&D. We will provide pre-generated characters for the introductory sessions , so all they need is their imagination!

For more info or to sign up, please email Brian at info@rollmodelsgames.org