About Your PTO

Memorial Spaulding’s PTO Goals and Purpose

The Memorial-Spaulding Parent Teacher Organization (MS PTO) – to which all families, faculty & staff of MS students belong – is a vibrant and important component of school life.

PTO Bylaws
MS PTO Purpose Statement

Our primary role is to foster COMMUNICATION & COMMUNITY SPIRIT.

PTO Board Meetings

PTO Board meetings provide an opportunity to build, maintain, and nurture the sense of community at Memorial-Spaulding. Meetings are held every other month and are open to everyone.  The Board discusses issues such as how to assemble volunteers, organize fundraisers and community events, and get a general read on all kinds of issues from the Memorial Spaulding community at large.

You can also suggest topics for the Board to review by contacting any of the Co-Presidents or by email at: info@memorialspauldingpto.org. Please click on our calendar link for the schedule of PTO Board meetings for the school year.  There will also be bi-monthly PTO/Princial hosted meetings, please check the PTO calendar for dates/times and locations.

PTO Membership & Dues

Dues contributions are voluntary, as with all PTO events and activities. Per the Welcome “ASK” letter, we encourage you to contribute an amount that is comfortable for your family.

  • To see a copy of the PTO’s Budget, click on “PTO Budget” tab at the top of our page.

You can make your dues contribution at any time, although contributions made by September 23rd help the PTO Board to update fundraising events for the rest of the year.  To contribute please click on the orange button for a secure payment through PayPal or make a check payable to “Memorial-Spaulding PTO,” and either leave the form and check in the PTO Treasurer’s box located in the front hall or mail it to Memorial-Spaulding PTO 250 Brookline St, Newton, MA 02459.

PTO Officers and Board

  • PTO Co-Presidents (3) – There are typically three PTO co-presidents that serve two-year terms in office. Historically this is arranged on a rotating basis so that there will always be one experienced co-president at the beginning of every year.
  • PTO Treasurer (1 or 2) -The PTO treasurer(s) manages the funds for the PTO, keeps track of the budget, approves requests for reimbursement, issues checks, helps to file annual tax statements, and produces the year-end budget proposal for the next fiscal year.  The treasurer also regularly files with the state to maintain the PTO’s 501-c3 status.
  • PTO Secretary (1) – The PTO secretary records notes from PTO meetings and posts them to the PTO website, helps to schedule and track all PTO events, coordinates with the school calendar to avoid conflicts, and is responsible for the weekly email postings to the school community.
  • Room Parent Coordinator (K-2 & 3-5) – The Room Parent coordinator ensures there is at least one room parent per classroom and will act as a liaison between the PTO and room parents.
  • International Family Liaison (1 to 3) – The International Family Liaison(s) will bridge the gap between our English speaking school community and those in our community whose first language is not English.
  • Program & Committee Chairs (1 or 2) – Committee Chair(s) act as the liaison between the various committees/programs and the PTO.
  • PTO Board – The PTO Board includes the Officers as listed above, as well as past PTO president(s) who shall serve on the board for at least one-year term after their term in office.

PTO Programs, Committees and Fundraisers

Every year the PTO organizes programs and fundraisers to support curriculum, enrichment activities and community events. Additionally, we also provide funds for initiatives and supplies that are not available through the Newton Public Schools i.e. computers.  (The PTO is not allowed to fund the following: teachers, classes, school building related enhancements or maintenance, except annually on Newton Serves).

PTO Activities and Programs include:

  •  Fundraisers: The ASK, Spring Fling Auction/Raffle, Book Fair, M-S T-Shirts, School Pictures, Kindergarten Soccer, and EVERYDAY Shopping (Amazon, Target and Stop & Shop, etc.).  Fundraisers will be assessed annually.
  •  After School Creative Arts (ASCA):  The PTO’s biggest and most successful fundraiser offers a wide array ofamazing and fun classes for all grades conveniently located at Memorial Spaulding.
  • Enrichment: Creative Arts and Sciences, Library Support Programs.
  • Community Events: International Festival, Mystery Dinner, Halloween Dance, Kindergarten Ball, Boston-Newton Families (BNF), Memorial-Spaulding Moms/Dads/Family Nights Out, Color Day and School Picnics.
  •  Inclusion: Respect for Human Differences, Understanding our Differences, and Buddy Families.
  •  Social Action Committee: Green team;  Walking Wednesday, Newton Serves, holiday gift drives and food drives.
  •  5th Grade Stepping Up:  Fundraisers, yearbook and events leading up to and including the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Technology: The Participation Drive and ongoing Technology Fundraising Campaign to keep our school competitive in this arena.
  • Hospitality: Teacher Appreciation breakfast & luncheon, Lunch for Kindergarten Screening, and Principal Coffees.

Please feel free to contact us with feedback, suggestions or questions, as your participation is critical to our school’s success.

Memorial Spaulding PTO
250 Brookline Street
Newton, MA 02459
Email: info@memorialspauldingpto.org
PTO Voicemail: 617-651-0786