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ASCA – Looking Ahead

As we gear up to start our classes offered through the After School Creative Arts (ASCA) program in the next couple of weeks, we want to thank all of the parents who have enrolled their children into the program.  We appreciate your support.

The ASCA program is a phenomenal program, which provides our children with an opportunity to take a variety of courses throughout the year, including cooking classes, computer classes, needlepoint, and Legos – just to name a few.  ASCA is one of the PTOs major sources of funding, and it is purely a parent-run program.

In fact, our program has been extremely successful year after year, in large part, because of the hard work, dedication, and commitment of parents who have volunteered their time to run the program in a seamless manner.  We would like to thank all of the parents who have volunteered their time to help make the ASCA program a success, and in particular, we would like to thank and recognize Emily Gordon, our current ASCA Chair, for all of her hard work, dedication, and persistence in making sure that the ASCA program runs smoothly!

As we plan ahead, we are looking for THREE enthusiastic and innovative parents to help run our After School Creative Arts (ASCA)program next year and to take on one of the following roles:

ASCA Programming Coordinator: primarily responsible for securing instructors for classes and assisting with the completion of template contracts with teachers;

ASCA Management Coordinator: primarily responsible for securing space for the classes and issuing invoices to teachers, collecting payments for classes; and

ASCA Volunteer Coordinator: primarily responsible for coordinating parent volunteers while the ASCA program is in session, providing a mini-training session for the volunteers prior to the start of the session, and coordinating volunteer coverage during registration process.

All three Coordinators will work together on developing the course offerings and scheduling during the program year and on marketing the program to the Memorial Spaulding Community.

If you are interested in becoming one of the ASCA Coordinators please contact Monica and Doreen at or give us a call 617-651-0786.

After School Creative Arts Program (ASCA)

ASCA is off to a great start!

Super Sports on Mondays is now open to all grade levels.

For the latest updates to ASCA class availability, please see:

ASCA-Fall-2012-8 Registration form

ASCA Courses Filling Up!

Currently the following courses are closed:

  • Computer on Wednesday 3-4
  • Show Stoppers on Tuesday 12:30-1:45
  • Gourmet for Kids                   12:30-1:45

Other updates:

  • Legos has one spot left Monday 3-4
  • Animal Detectives is being offered on Tuesday @ 1:55-2:55pm
  • Needlepoint will be opened up to 2nd graders

If Emily is not at the school, please leave your applications in the ASCA mailbox.

ASCA Registration

ASCA registration will begin the first week of school. Emily Gordon will be at the school           to accept registrations 9/4, 9/5, 9/6 and 9/7 from 8 – 8:45am.  Should you miss me  please leave your registration forms in the ASCA registration mailbox in the front Hallway. Communication regarding filled or soon to be closed classes will be communicated through the PTO weekly posts as well as flyers @ the school.

Fall 2012 ASCA Course List Available

We hope that you are enjoying your summer. Just a reminder that the ASCA registration form is available on the Memorial Spaulding website at

Registration for ASCA classes will begin after Labor Day.

If you have any questions please contact Emily Gordon at