Picture Day Instructions

School picture day is Tuesday October 5th at Memorial Spaulding

Order your pictures online 

  • Go to www.coffeepond.com and click on the big red button that says “Order School Portraits and shop our exclusive products”.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select the city and state where your school is located, then select the name of your school.
  • Enter your child’s information, including full first name (as it appears in the school’s registry).
  • Select your packages and add them to your cart.
  • If you have another child, click “Order for Another Child” and repeat the steps above.
  • Once you’ve added packages to your cart for all your children, you’re ready to check out! Follow the prompts to enter your contact and billing information. Once all your information has been entered and you’ve reviewed your order, just be sure to click “Submit Order”
  • Orders placed after Picture Day are subject to a $7 handling fee.